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Greenleaf has taken hold of the forest, marking an end to the pleasantly warm days of Newleaf. The temperature is now quite hot, at times unbearably so; most prey tend to take shelter during the hottest time of the day. Dangerous thunderstorms are possible and can happen with little warning. Will the heat of Greenleaf cause tempers to flare when tension is already running high in the Clans?
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1 Creating a New Clan or Dog Pack on Fri Aug 02, 2013 6:58 pm

We are now allowing members of our site to create new Clans for wolves to join and also to create dog packs if you have a dog character. This also means that Clans can disband, which is unlikely perhaps, or dog packs can disband. However, in order to do so, you must meet the requirements below:

Creating a Clan
1. Your Clan must be approved by the current leaders of other Clans before creation.
2. You must make a name for your Clan of course! It must follow the basic Clan structure- a word and then Clan after it. Only appropriate names.
2. The leader of the new Clan must be chosen in roleplay.
3. You must have at least 8 members, including the leader. No second characters of yourself or any other members may join as well (so you cannot make 3 characters and have each join to reach your 5 member requirement. Must be unique members).
4. A map of your territory must be created... this territory cannot impede on any current Clans territory, and must be located nearby.
5. The new leader must venture to the Moonstone & must meet the other leaders of the other Clans.
6. A Medicine Wolf does not have to be chosen immediately, but should be as soon as possible
7. The character that creates the Clan must be Clan-born. Dogs can join the Clan, but cannot be leaders.
8. Your wolf must be an adult in order to create a Clan.
9. If you are the leader of a Clan it is your responsibility to moderate and administrate your section, not the other admins responsibilities
Note: Pups are not allowed to join along with the other members & break off from their Clan

Creating a Dog Pack
1. The pack must have some kind of hierarchy, such as Leader/Members or one where the dogs have different jobs.
2. You must have at least 5 members including the leader.
3. You must decide on a territory in Hartford or a common 'haunt' or 'camp' for the dogs.
4. You must create a name for the pack, it does not have to follow the '______Clan' name as Clan wolves do.
5. In order to create a pack, your dog must be an adult.
6. You must create the basic laws for the pack- a "Dog-code" so to speak. Decide what the duties of members are, whether members can have mates with each other or only the leaders can be mates, how many leaders, etc.
7. If you are the leader of a pack it is your responsibility to moderate and administrate your section, not the other admins responsibilities
8. It must be approved by the current leaders.

When creating a Clan, your character can't just wake up one day and decide to make one randomly. It must be worked out in character in role-play through other events or for other reasons. If you attempt to do this "unrealistically", your Clan or pack will not be accepted.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me or any of the other leaders! Thanks!

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