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The Four Clans

Current Season: Greenleaf
Greenleaf has taken hold of the forest, marking an end to the pleasantly warm days of Newleaf. The temperature is now quite hot, at times unbearably so; most prey tend to take shelter during the hottest time of the day. Dangerous thunderstorms are possible and can happen with little warning. Will the heat of Greenleaf cause tempers to flare when tension is already running high in the Clans?
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1 Silent's Art Shop on Fri Nov 29, 2013 11:56 am


Warrior Apprentice

Hello and thank you for checking out my art shop! I sell drawn avatars and signatures just for you! Avatars are 25 crystals each and signatures are 20.


1) Always give me credit. Always.
2) Before posting, make sure you have enough crystals.
3) Don't be afraid to ask me to change anything.
4) Scotland is the best.
5) Don't use my art off the site
6) Enjoy!



Name :
Name on/off :
Name colour :
Description or Reference :
Eye colour :
Position :
Expression :
What's the best? :
Avvie/Siggie :
Anything else? :


i want dan howell to punch me inth e face ok BYE
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2 Re: Silent's Art Shop on Sat Nov 01, 2014 1:27 pm


Warrior Apprentice
Name: Foxfeather
Name on/off: On
Name color: Yellow
Description or Reference: Red and white in the pattern of a red fox's. Black paws too like a red fox's.
Eye color: Amber
Position: Laying down, looking at you
Expression: Happy
What's the best:
Avvie/Siggie: Siggie please
Anything Else?: Can you please add the quote - "A tomboy worth fighting for" near the bottom? And can you make it greenish in color?


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