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1 Clan Names: An explanation on Sun Aug 04, 2013 2:30 pm

Some of you may not be familiar with the Warriors series completely. This is absolutely okay! When you first create a character, most of the time one of the first things you choose is a name. In the Warriors world, this occurs a little bit differently than most. For our purpose, we will call the beginning of the name a Prefix and the ending rank a Suffix.

Here are some examples of names. The prefixes are italicized and the suffixes are underlined.





The first name listed above is a Clan Leader's name. The prefix can vary- it doesn't matter what it is. For example if we used the prefixes of the other names, if they became Clan Leader's their names would be: Birdstar, Nightstar, and Honeystar. The star suffix always stays the same if you are a leader. It is always star. This is why the current Clan leaders have the star suffix. Therefore, normal members cannot have this suffix.

The second name listed above is a Warrior name. This is a full member of the Clans. They do not have a set suffix... it can be almost anything, unlike the star rank. If we used the other names, some examples of possible Warrior names could be... Feathertail, Nightshadow, or Honeypelt. If they ever become a Clan leader, they take up the "star" suffix. The suffix can be anything except star- as that is reserved for Clan leaders.

The third name is an apprentice name. This paw suffix is used when the member is an apprentice. Like the leader name, the 'paw' is a set suffix. Once the Apprentice becomes a full Warrior, they will be able to change the suffix of their name to whatever they want, such as the Nightshadow name I mentioned above. A few other possibilities could be Nightpelt, Nighttail, etc.

The final suffix is "pup". This is given to young wolves under six months old who are still in the pup rank. This suffix stays constant until they become an apprentice.

Let's say a pup was born in StormClan named Silverpup (this would be their pup rank). Once they were 6 months old they would become an apprentice and earn the name Silverpaw. After they finished their time as an apprentice, they would become a Warrior. Some examples of Warrior names are Silversong, Silverstream, Silverpelt, Silvertail, etc. If this wolf ever became a leader, their name would become Silverstar.

Hopefully this guide clears up any naming confusion. If you cannot think of a name for your wolf, feel free to use a generator and generate names until you get one you like.

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