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What should our new Two-leg place be called?

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1 The Two-leg place name on Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:33 pm

So now that we have our entries in, we need to decide on the name of our town.
The other admins and I have been discussing the idea of having the town named after the original founder of TFC, Shadestar. We have come up with a few names, namely: Shadesville, Shadesboro, and Shadesbury. If anyone has any suggestions you can offer them, but we're more centered around the name 'Shade.'

For reference, the entries will be posted here:

The Old Farm
The old farm is a place where two-legs and their dogs graze their sheep and cattle in paddocks, and the penalty for any stray attempting to catch a tasty meal here is death. The two leggers fiercely protect their animals, and their dogs despise the wild ones, looking down upon them as if they were lowly peasants compared to them. They will guard their charges with their life. Animals that can be found here are, chickens, ducks, geese, cows, goats, horses, sheep and a couple of donkeys. The two-legs here prefer to farm without machinery. -Forsakenpaw's entry

The Fighting Ring
The old abandoned warehouse is where many dog fights take place, though occasionally wolves that are caught are let loose in the ring. The winners' owners are often showered with money. The fighting dogs carry a respect within the town, they are the best fighters and the most savage, easily able to kill others for a meal. The warehouse is their gathering point, it consists of the fight ring, places for viewers to sit and in the basement are many cages where the dogs spend some of their free time, as well as training and preparing. No fights are tolerated anywhere apart from in the fight ring, the ring often a place for rivals to tear at each other. -Forsakenpaw's entry

The Town Square
Town Square is a busier part of this town. Many shops and businesses are on this road, such as the court house and various stores. You can say it's the shopping district of the town. Many celebrations and festivals are held on this street; when those take place, this town can get VERY busy! People here are generally quite friendly; if you're nice enough, the people and vendors in the market might just slip you a snack! Just stay away from the alleys; you don't want to run into anyone shady. More importantly, try to avoid the dog catcher! -Lionpaw's entry

The Junction
This is where all the freight trains stop to drop off and load their cargo. It's perhaps one of the most dangerous spots of the town, having many unblocked train tracks, allowing one to be easily hit by a train if they fall into the tracks at the wrong time. The air reeks of train fumes and coal (many of the trains carry it), and it's undoubtedly the noisiest part of town, with many trains coming and going, along with having surrounding factories. Many teens like coming here for the thrill of it. However, many creatures and people died here, too, when falling onto the tracks at the wrong time. Be careful if you're here! -Lionpaw's entry

The Park
This is large park rests near the Shady Pines, a forest on the outskirts of the town. Here, you'll find the Shady Pine Museum, which contains artifacts and documents concerning the shady neighboring forest. It's an eerie place, having a seemingly never-ending fog covering it. A dark, rather still river runs through this park, known as the Dead River for it's unmoving water. Many stories and rumors about this park circulate the town, including murders, disappearances, and various monsters of the forest. Nobody knows if they're true! But that doesn't stop people from coming - it's a very peaceful place, away from the noise of the town. If you easily get the creeps, however, this isn't your place. -Lionpaw's entry

A suburbs area and a town pound is also underway as well.

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2 Re: The Two-leg place name on Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:28 pm


Young Warrior
The pole has been closed and the new Two-leg place will be called Shadesbury. Thank you to those who participated! Smile

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