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1 Howling At The Spanish Moon on Fri Apr 22, 2016 5:31 am




*Takes a deep breath and starts properly*

— Hello everyone!

*There's an awkward silence, you can feel the tension in the air. His alter ego, Luau, the dog you'll soon meet, barks at him as he must continue*

—Oh, yes, introducing myself and... ok, I'll try. Well, firstly I suppose that you can call me Luau around here, that'll be great.

—... What else?

—Did... did that dog just talk? Mmmm... please save me... Right! Focus!
Secondly, you should know that English is not my first language, so you'll probably see lots of mistakes when you read me.
I know, I know, poor little thing, he's going to get killed by that character you all know -c'mon, every forum has one- but in my defence I'll say that I'm here because I want to improve my English, so please be kind because I'm trying my best so you can understand me xD.

—Say something about yourself, or about me.

— Do NOT do that again!

— Do what?

— Don't talk! You give me the chills... And they'll knows you very well while roleplaying but they won't know about me anywhere else. Well maybe the Cb... Focus again!

*The dog lies down and growls violently*

— Ok, ok, that'll be short... The name by now is Luau, 21 years old, from Spain aaaaand...

*Stares at the dog, who ignores him, leaving him alone*

— Well, I hope to learn some English, meet nice people and have a good time. Perhaps we can share skype accounts someday when we get along.  Doggy, I don't know what to say, anything else?

— So now I can talk I guess... well, that'll be fine, you can finish it here.

— Great! See you around people and have a nice day!

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2 Re: Howling At The Spanish Moon on Fri Apr 22, 2016 5:40 am


Young Warrior
Hello Luau, it's wonderful to have you join us Smile We're all a nice bunch on here so if you ever need any support don't hesitate to ask.

Warrior of WindClan

"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination." ~ Nelson Mandela

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3 Re: Howling At The Spanish Moon on Sat Apr 23, 2016 10:23 pm


Welcome to the clans! Nice to meet you, we're all friendly around here, look forward to rping with you

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"This is like looking for a pin in a needlestack"
"I was not paying attention I was thinking about something else"
"Nothing goes over my head, my reflexes are too quick i would catch it"
"What do you mean I missed the point, words are neither pointy or blunt"
“You have to remain accurate and focused despite the conditions that you face."

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4 Re: Howling At The Spanish Moon on Sat Apr 23, 2016 11:47 pm


Hullo! Welcome to TFC! It's exciting to meet someone new! I hope to see you around and role-play for a bit!

Warrior of Windclan

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"You'll never get anything done believing you can't."

"A way to make people feel nice is to tell them how big they are. No, not like that."

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