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1 Abandoned Mine on Sun Jul 23, 2017 7:28 pm

An empty mineshaft long abandoned by two legs, forbidden for most to go here. Wolves come here in times when they are desperate for food, but most stay away because of the stories of ghosts and evil demons from days long past.

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2 Re: Abandoned Mine on Thu Aug 03, 2017 2:03 am


Young Warrior
With his name cleared from the mess with Windclan about him supposedly murdering Snowstar he should be happy, but he wasn't. Nothing was right with the world, Specklefrost the quirky female he'd grown to love was gone, with three of their pups. Standing at the entrance to the abandoned mine he sighed softly remembering how he'd been considering leaving Sunclan and she'd gotten him to stay. Entering the mine he stepped over the old rusted tracks left behind by two legs and ventured into its depths, he'd admittedly been neglecting his two remaining pups but the loss of Specklefrost had hit him like the death of his first mate. Was he cursed? Fit only to wander these mountains without a partner at his side? He had so many questions and little answers, was she ever going to come back to him? He doubted it, nothing ever went his way for long, stumbling over a rock the sound echoed through the pitch black mine tunnel. The dark place suited his mood, as he progressed further he began to appreciate his thick coat that kept the cold at bay, what was he going to do now? That was the biggest question he had no real answer to.

Dwelling in the dark mine for a few hours his thoughts returned to his two precious pups, stumbling out of the darkness the sun blinded him for a brief moment before he picked up the fat quail he'd picked up on his way there and trotted back to the camp with the quail as a gift for his children

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3 Re: Abandoned Mine on Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:39 am


Walking up quietly the smell of another wolf assaulted her sensitive nose, despite the fact that it was clearly broadcasting that this piece of mountain territory was indeed claimed, Melissa continued on. The rules of the packs that had moved in didn't really occur to her as she simply didn't care, there wasn't much that she cared about. The brown wolf followed her nose along before discovering an old cavern that had two leg equipment in it, she brushed a paw along one of the rusted old tracks that she recognized as being similar to the ones that trains ran on in the two leg town. The trains had killed Julians friend, she remembered it quite clearly, at least it had been a quick death not one that had drawn out for days. Studying the cave that had the tracks running into it she surmised that it was abandoned, after all there was no two leg scent around and the tracks were busted up a small way inside. Wondering what was in the black emptiness that reminded the brown fighting wolf of the void she'd sent opponents too. Melissa began slipping into the darkness, unafraid, her logic told her that there were no two legs around and the other wolf scent was somewhat faded not fresh as it would be if the wolf remained inside or used this place as a den.

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4 Re: Abandoned Mine on Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:24 pm


Following the brown she-wolf's scent, Julian came to the mine and hesitated. He'd picked up scent markers of a pack that lived around here, and clearly had this as part of their territory, but he was just a singular loner, and he wasn't hunting or anything on their land. Deciding that it would be fine, he kept going, padding his way through the dark tunnels. he didn't attempt to be quiet, preferring to let Mel be aware of his appearance. He knew that she was an old ring fighter, and didn't particularly want to get jumped on because he startled her. Sniffing around curiously, he made a mental note to not bring Claire here. It was so dark he'd lose her in an instant, and knowing her she'd do it on purpose.


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