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The Four Clans

Current Season: Greenleaf
Greenleaf has taken hold of the forest, marking an end to the pleasantly warm days of Newleaf. The temperature is now quite hot, at times unbearably so; most prey tend to take shelter during the hottest time of the day. Dangerous thunderstorms are possible and can happen with little warning. Will the heat of Greenleaf cause tempers to flare when tension is already running high in the Clans?
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1 RiverClan Info on Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:04 pm


Wolf Credit- Sas R.

RiverClan is home to the best swimmers of the forest. The majority of these wolves don't mind the water and are skilled fishers. When the weather is nice and warm, RiverClan wolves can be found sunning themselves by the shore or splashing around in the shallows. Their prey consists mostly of fish and waterfowl, with the occasional squirrel, vole or even deer. They tend to be more laid-back and may be perceived by the other Clans as lazy. RiverClan wolves have been known to collect shells and feathers from near the river or beach to line their nests with.

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