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The Four Clans

Current Season: Greenleaf
Greenleaf has taken hold of the forest, marking an end to the pleasantly warm days of Newleaf. The temperature is now quite hot, at times unbearably so; most prey tend to take shelter during the hottest time of the day. Dangerous thunderstorms are possible and can happen with little warning. Will the heat of Greenleaf cause tempers to flare when tension is already running high in the Clans?
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1 ThunderClan Info on Wed Jul 31, 2013 6:30 pm


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ThunderClan is home to the brave and bold. These wolves typically aren't afraid to follow their hearts, and generally do what they believe to be right. Most tend to be loyal, and ThunderClan is one of the more peaceful Clans. They live in a mainly forest habitat; in their new territory, ThunderClan now borders the ocean. Due to residing in the forest, ThunderClan wolves have over time become excellent at stalking prey through the undergrowth and can maneuver around in the sometimes rocky and dense forest with ease. They eat prey that they can catch in the forest, from smaller prey such as squirrels and birds, to larger prey such as deer.

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